Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free Download Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 PC Game

Rail transport is a vehicle that is quite favored by many people. I share this game also closely linked to the train. Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012 PC Deluxe is a simulation game where you will operate the trains from passenger trains to railway porters. This game has excellent graphics when compared to other simulation games, even INCREDIBLE COOL. For those who are interested to manage things, this game could be measured by whether the management is good or not. Anyway, this game will make you feel how it feels to be a machinist working in the world perkeretaan. Curious? please download the full.


System Requirements
  - OS: Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7
  - Processor: 2.8 GHz or faster
  - Memory: 2.0 GB RAM
  - Graphics: Video 256 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0*
  - DirectX®: Version 9.0c (Included)
  - Hard Drive: 6 GB of free space + 3 GB for DLC
  - Sound: Direct X 9.0c compatible

I got an error when going to run Train Simulator 2012, but after the patch was finally able to play Train Simulator as well. So do not forget to download the patches.

  * Download | Update Patch 1.2 - (13 MB)
  * Password : www.dytoshare.us

How To Install:
1. Download 17 Parts above - Extract with WinRAR (Auto-join)
2. Extract "trasim2012.Dlx.iso" with PowerISO
3. Run 'setup.exe' - Install to complete
4. Copy all the files in the folder to the installation folder SKIDROW Games
* \ RailSimulator.com \ Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012 Deluxe
5. Copy and Replace
6. Download Update Patch 1-2 - Install Update Patch
7. Copy all the files in the Crack folder to game installation folder
* \ RailSimulator.com \ Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012 Deluxe
8. Play with the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR (Win7)

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